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Musicals for primary and middle schools
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I Love the Knihgtlife musical
I Love the Knightlife

King Arthur forgets to invite his evil half-sister Morgana to his wedding so she gives him a curse voucher as a present. Unless the Knights of Camelot can find the 6 discs that make the Round Table work there will be 100 years of Math lessons!
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Treasure Island musical Treasure Island

Follow the adventures of young Jim Hawkins who sails the seas with Long John Silver in a quest to find buried treasure. Based on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel this musical will appeal to lovers of the Pirates of the Caribbean.
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Tarzan and Jane musical
Tarzan and Jane

A crocodile hunter, safaris to Africa, diamond mines and a tribe of cannibals who are set to make a killing! Collect as many
natives as you can as this will be a wild night out!
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Mummy Returns Again musical
Mummy Returns Again

Indiana Jones meets the Munsters
The tomb of Pharaoh Neverbeenanygood has been uncovered by a group of explorers. Not only has the Mummy returned but he's brought rap music with him which threatens to take over the world. Thankfully Dr Frankenstein comes to the rescue with an interesting creation of his own. Which music style will be judged the best? Can "Idol" save the day? 
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Songs and scenes from the shows
  Neverbeenanygood from The Mummy Returns Again   How to handle wild animals in the jungle from Tarzan and Jane Musical
  Main song from Treasure Island the musical.   Our two knights strip under instruction from the Narrator in the musical "I Love the Knightlife" performed by Parklands school.

Visage Entertainment presents easy to use musicals for primary and middle schools. Designed for large casts with numerous speaking roles.

Kits include: script, lyrics, props & character listing, CD containing backing music & sound f/x

Scripts are free to download and electronic so it's easy to make changes.

Musicals are $85.95 (Australian dollars) so you're up and running under $100!

Royalties are 15% of gross ticket sales (Minimum fee of $50 per performance) DVD royalties 15% of sales

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