Primary School Musicals - No Dramas

Musicals for schools
and theatre groups

What makes our shows special?  


Kit includes:

- script
- lyrics
- props & character listing
- CD containing backing music & sound f/x

Makes staging a musical so much easier.
Change what you want to suit your cast.

The script is free to download in Word format so
it's easy to make changes.

It's your choice.
Written by a teacher with over 20 years experience.

These shows have been performed around the world with many returning clients.
Musicals are $85.95 (Australian dollars) which includes script, lyrics, props list, CD of backing music & sound f/x, copying fee for script and postage.

Up and running under $100!

15% of gross ticket sales
(Minimum fee of $50 per performance)
DVD royalties 15% of sales
I Love the Knightlife

Classic King Arthur tales of adventure.
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Treasure Island

Follow the adventures of young Jim Hawkins who sails the seas with Long John Silver in a quest to find buried treasure. Find out more..
Tarzan and Jane

A crocodile hunter, safaris to Africa, diamond mines and a tribe of cannibals who are set to make a killing!
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  Mummy Returns Again
Indiana Jones meets the Munsters.
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The War of the Worlds

Multimedia film & concert based on classic novel
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Hound of the Baskervilles

Currently in production.

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